Thumb War with difficulties and a scoreboard for each difficulty.

Difficulty of the opponent scales with the difficulty level selected and with how many "levels"(Shown in the opponent's name, example: Opponent 4 representing level 4 which is the last level)

General difficulty can be changed in the options menu.

Note: Due to restrictions the WebGL version doesn't support the leaderboard system.

Entry for Weekly Game Jam 184 -


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Windows (64-bit) 26 MB
Version 1.0.3
Windows (32-bit) 23 MB
Version 1.0.3
Linux 28 MB
Version 1.0.3
Mac OS X 26 MB
Version 1.0.3


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I'm happy to see that some entries interpreted the "thumb war" theme literally and tried to run with it! I liked the minimal color pallet and the art style. Both are fitting for a simple game.

I was a little confused after my first few opponents. They didn't seem to react at all. I see that you commented below that you made the choice to keep the difficulty easy. Fair enough.

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UI and pixel art is really nice, but bruh why enemies pressing speed is that low? It gives literally 0 difficulty. Also when i press Z button it counts 2 or 3 key pressed. If i press z key 3 times i literally beat enemy %100! If it is some kind of spamming a key game why not using GetKeyDown ? There is some huge coding and difficulty problems here. I am not so sure but if difficulty increases after every enemy you beat, than please make starting difficulty harder. No one is going to play your game if it starts like that.  It is like a pixel artist tried to learn coding and it is the first game he made. I just think key press should got counted normally (not 3 times when u press key) and please make that difficulty harder. It is unplayable at that situation.

Edit: Im not sure but i may possibly get the game wrong. Maybe there is a difficulty choose button. I dont remember sawin one.

Edit 2: Well i also realized when u press a key it counts 2 and when u stop holding or pressing a key it counts 1. WHY BRUH??

Thank you for your opinion regarding the game, the game is meant to have the button spamming in order to win, to do this it uses the new Input System that does the same as the GetKeyDown() on the old system, as for the difficulty level, by default it’s set as easy and can be easily changed in the options menu, this decision was made in order to provide an easy to learn system so players can adapt to the more intense difficulties.

In regards to your comment in general, I’d appreciate if it were constructive instead of criticizing the author’s coding skills.